04 de julio de 2020





Chevy Bolt 

By Luigui Drumond

Alianza News

The Chevy Bolt EV is not a hybrid, but rather a solely electrical vehicle that operates on lithium ion batteries.  It has a range of 238 miles when fully charged.  What I really liked about the car was how quiet it was and the acceleration without any hesitation that you experience in a gas engine car that needs to downshift as the engine increases rpms.  It came with a 110v charger and as my garage was not setup for a 220v charger.  I ended up using the 110 volt charger which is very slow to build a charge. 

The car has plenty of features for safety and range monitoring, so you know how many miles you have left.  The car can also be charged using a DC fast charge which provides 90 miles of range on a 30-minute charge.  It also uses Regenerative Braking which puts charge back into the battery.  Some of the safety features include 10 airbags, pedestrian safety signal sound generator and rear vision camera.

The thought of never having to put gas is your car is enticing.  Test drive a Bolt EV at your local dealer.  You will be surprised at its performance and features.

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